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Welcome to Awakened & Aligned,
a podcast aimed at bringing faith back to the conversation.

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As It Is - Loving Intelligently

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As It Is | Loving Intelligently

As It Is | Loving Intelligently

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The meaning behind the message is simple -- sharing our faith

We are living epistles to share the goodness of the Lord. Our stories contain a rich through-line of who God is, who he has been, and who he forever will be. It’s in sharing of our stories that we find that we’re not alone and that we all struggle: from the billionaires to those living on the streets we’re all human and experience a full spectrum of emotions.

We’re expected to bring our whole selves to work every day, yet to be politically correct and inclusive so we avoid talking about religion. We know the 3 things to not talk about on a first date: money, politics, and religion. Religion is the start of so many wars in this world and caused division between countries, ethnicities, and families. It’s contentious and yet it’s personal. You can always argue about facts and figures but when it comes to someone else’s experience that becomes their truth. So this platform is not about religion, it’s about relationship. Owning our truth and being in relationship with the one who created it all, Jesus Christ. 

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